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"best" type of antenna - c£20?

Hi guys,

I currently have a wire colinear antenna, second floor window, current max range (last 48hours) is 100-150NM.

Have called in a favour from a “mate with ladders” to fix an aerial to the roofline of the house.

So I dont need to get a “better” aerial refitted in the future, whats the “best” type of aerial for this?

Have seen people report good things about 4 and 8 segment (?) ground plane antennas? Are these any better than wire colinear?

I’ll be looking for one of the recommended types on ebay etc (I see people make and sell them on there), so if someone can mail me a link to a recommended one, that’d be ideal!

Secondly, slightly nervous of grounding / lightning - any recommendations om the best way to ground the antenna?


I got one of these ebay.co.uk/itm/201294781897 (minimum bid usually wins), have a look at other ADSB Antennas there too.

I did go to the electrical wholesaler and bought grouding wire (4 or 6mm), a spike and a clamp - just in case (if there was a hit, the copper wire etc would probably become plasma, but it will have done it’s job)

This does effectivly ground the outer of the coax - probably a good thing - many have had the ethernet port on the Pi sacrifice itself to protect the dongle when theres a static build up on the antenna.

Sorry cy80rg but this is a bit off-topic but relevant to fixing antennas.

peterhr, any chance of a diagram/picture of how you connected the earth wire to the coax shield?

NP, Triggers! :wink:

@PeterHR - yes, a diag would probably be useful here too.

Will check out those links you gave… ta!

the shield is connected to the shield of the N-connector at the antenna, that is also used to blot the antenna to the bracket, and to the mast … so I just earthed the mast - but it would be as simple to ground the outer of any antenna connector.

If grounding the antenna - take the most direct route to ground possible