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Rooftop Antenna Mounts


Anyone have a rooftop-mounted antenna(s) right now? I’m thinking this summer of purchasing a 5’ antenna tripod like this one:

and then putting on a combination of piping to form a T shape:

Much like this but with only two antennae, one 1090 and one 978. Put this ontop of my roof peak and that’ll get it roughly 10’ above the roofing deck and about as high as I can get it without someone questioning what the heck am I doing and/or thinking I’ve gone mad. :slight_smile:

Any good advice about this? I’ll have to ensure it’s well-grounded and I have gas lightning arrestors in place and possibly other things. The antennas will both be the FlightAware pre-made 26" ones as they’re already weather-proven. I’m just thinking that it’d be the best scenario to get the most signal possible.

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I have imagined doing similar, but I want to read “Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur” first to properly understand how to ground it properly. I think it needs a separate ground strap from up there down to meet the house’s electrical panel to ensure you don’t end up with two different “grounds” trying to pass current through your other wiring. I live in a lightning-prone area and I will need to get this right.

Until then, my antennas are in the attic.

Oh, this PDF might be helpful for considering how to weatherproof your connections.



That is what I have.

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And what did you do for grounding etc?



I ran a ground wire to my outdoor copper water pipe close by.plus all my coax cables have grounds for the outside Shields.