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What kind of antenna should I use?

I have been using the stock antenna that comes with the noolec DVB-T stick for the past few days, I have it mounted in my attic which is about 30ft above ground level. Unfortunately living in a HOA I cant mount anything outside and am very close to others home with similar roof heights. What is the best antenna I should upgrade to? I was look at the flight aware one but it looks like it has a more horizontal radiation pattern which isnt good for me? If anyone wants to see my current stats my site is 128441 so you can be my current range.

Compare your actual range with possible range.

I have plotted your maximum possible range using your aproximate coordinates (attached screenshot)

You can plpt it with more precise cpprdinates using the method described in the linked post below.

What is the Maximum Range I can Get?

Yea, i have used that site before but with my current setup I am lucky to get anything that goes past the yellow ring and thats only commercial airliners at 38kft+

Same is my situation as I live in an apartment building. I use Flightawse 26" / 66 cm antenna mounted in a window + Flightaware Pro Stick Plus (blue). I found it best value-for-money. However due to mobile phone antennas nearby, I had to add Flightaware 1090 Mhz filter (light blue).

Thanks for the info, i decided to buy the FA Antenna it comes monday, am currently running an analyzer to see if I need a filter or not.

Good to tedt,but run again after you connect FA antenna. The FA antenna being of higher gain, picks interfering signals too.

The interfering signals are Cell phone & UHF TV channels.

Have a read of this thread also:

Do I Need A Filter?



Installed my FA Antenna, Filter, and orange pro stick just about an hour ago and the results are insane! Didn’t expect so much of an increase and this is inside my attic with a ceramic tile roof. I can only imagine if I was able to mount it on the roof what the results would be.



Now the chase for every little gain and small tweak starts :wink: