Flight aware and text notifications


The past couple days my text notifications and the flight aware website have been showing weird text characters instead of normal text. An example from a text alert : FRM:FlightAware MSG:N651VNi?¿¿i¿¿ 18:00ESTi¿¿ì¿¿ KBUFe¥¿ ì¿¿e.¿¡¿¿ì¿¿ ETA 19:11 EST I¿¿ KLBEe¿ì.¿ì€ì¿¿ì¿¿ei¿ e.¿¡¿¿ Mobile apps- flightaware.com/mobile

Just wanted to know if this was just me or if the is something wrong on my end.

Thanks in advance.


Your profile is currently set to Korean. Is this what you intended?


Also did the characters appear as korean characters on the phone or upside down question marks as they appear in your forum post?


The characters showed up as up side down question marks and I can’t chang my language every time I try it won’t let me. I get Not Found

The requested URL /account/locale_switch.rvt was not found on this server.

With the URL of http://discussions.flightaware.com/account/locale_switch.rvt?locale=en_US


You have to switch your locale on the main site instead of the discussion forums.

What kind of phone do you have where the characters in the text message appeared as upside down question marks?


Switched back on the main screen and every thing is back to normal. Thanks for the help.