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Korean website

I’m getting truly fed up with this and would beg for a solution. Whenever I try to use flightaware on my mobile it goes to the website fine, but then immediately redirects to ko.flightaware.com - sure, the info is still there and I’m familiar enough with the website to be able to get past everything being in Korean. But still it’s hugely annoying. And makes no sense either…

For me the website you linked shows up in english which is the language i selected.

Are you logged in to FA on your mobile?

(the redirect to the Korean site will be happening because IP geolocation thinks you’re in Korea … logging in should override that and use the locale associated with your account)

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, finally got it sorted. Had been unable to figure out how to sign in because everything was in Korean, but stumbling around I found how to change the language to English, and once I was signed in I was on the US site. My phone’s an LG and they’re Korean, so perhaps something to do with that…