Flight Alerts

Under My Flight Aware> Manage Flight Alerts> Add Flight alerts> Ident , is it possible to list only the 3-letter airline ident or must a specific flight number also be included? If just the 3-letter airline ident, then I have never received an alert via AIM or e-mail

It must be a specific flight. What flight are you looking at?

I was more interested in a particular type of aircraft only flown by 3 unscheduled airlines. So without flight number or knowing where they will fly, guess I can’t get an alert. Thanks

May still be able to help if you provide the airline information. Some unscheduled airlines have a standard flight number for all flights (e.g. Sierra Pacific uses 712).

Trying to track the ADB, POT, and VDA AN124 and AN225 acft.

Unfortunately, they do use different flight numbers. My suggestion is to use the links to specific aircraft.

A124: flightaware.com/live/aircrafttype/A124
ADB1454 and ADB1414 are active as I type this.

A225: flightaware.com/live/aircrafttype/A225