First South Carolina 787


Just got to watch the first Boeing South Carolina made 787 take off for it’s maiden flight. What a beautiful sight!

#2 … /KCHS/KCHS How 'bout some pics!!


It will be interesting to see how the non-union 787 holds up compared to the union built 787.


As long as all the parts come from the same source, I don’t believe there will be much difference there but I would love to see the difference in actual costs between the two.


Just as good if not much better. Unionized workers know they don’t have to be good workers in order to maintain their jobs while non-union workers know that they actually have to do a good job in order to maintain their jobs.


That’s a BOLD statement to make.


Beautiful plane. No matter where it is built.


Like I posted on another thread here, we’ve got three 787’s in Air India Livery sitting out front now. Not sure if they’re all home built or not, but they’re starting to add up!


The 3 currently at CHS are Everett-builds: ZA233 (LN 29,VT-AND), ZA236 (LN 35, VT-ANH) and ZA237 (LN 46, VT-ANI).