Charleston, SC to be site of new 787 assembly line!


Great news for us here in Charleston. Not so good news for Seattle (and the unions that drove them away)… … harleston/


I guess that is good… :slight_smile:


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As long as they work for minimum wage and don’t enjoy any union benefits you can knock the unions. These are all union won perks us non union employees enjoy.

~40 hour week
~Overtime Pay
~5 day week
~Paid Vacation
~Retirement Benefits
~Health Benefits
~Minimum Age
~Safety Laws…


well… at least it didnt go to some plant south of the border. Property values are probably going up as we speak in that area.


I live here and this is HUGE news for our area. Boeing stories dominate our local newspaper’s online edition right now ( But coming from an area that has the highest percentage of unemployment, in a state with one of the highest percentages as well, this is great news for us - and like Beach said, everyone in the US - as it just as easily could have landed in China or Mexico. And true, in years past, the unions have helped work conditions for all in countless ways. BUT, this isn’t the industrial revolution anymore and one could argue that unions are 90% to blame with the problems in Detroit right now as well. In my opinion, unions have greatly outlived their usefulness.


That is good news…glad to hear it. Hopefully it will set an example to the rest of the country and send a message of the importance of keeping “American”…American.


Who came up with the laptop excuse? THE UNION!


Source please.
Then, assuming you’re referring to NWA188, please explain why their excuse matters AT ALL for the future. The pilots are unemployed, the pax are safe, the airline’s liability is zero, and the news organizations have had a week of things to chew on. Sounds like everything turned out the way it should. :wink:


I hate to rain on your parade, but that is not entirely correct. Any PI attorney worth their JD (and I hate PI attorneys) can use this event for any of the PAX to garner funds from the AL…this whole thing is litigation awaiting a filing and settlement.



Actually, the majority of those labor changes were voluntarily implemented in the 1920’s by Henry Ford, who was immediately excoriated by almost every other industrialist for his actions, but all of whom shortly followed suit in self-preservation.