B787 makes precautionary landing - and the worlds watching ;

Flight Blogger tracking ZA001 on FlightAware.

We have the Charleston Air Expo here at CHS scheduled for 4/17 and in several articles over the last couple months, I’ve seen where they’ve said a 787 would be on display - no doubt because Boeing is going to be building 787’s here. With less than 2 months to go, I don’t see one of them making it here from BFI. :frowning:

Aircraft # 4, the third B787 to fly, went for its first flight yesterday.

flightaware.com/live/flight/BOE4 … /KPAE/KMWH

You may never know what can happen, we should 5 or 6 up by then.

Do you work for Boeing w7? And I’m keeping my fingers crossed - I’d love to see one - I actually just bought a 15mp camera - just for the show. I’m all for it - but I’ve yet to see one with the gear up, so I’m a little hesitant that they’ll make that date.

They have cancelled the air show due to the war effort. :cry:


Thanks ms - yeah, I posted a rant about that on here somewhere when they announced the cancellation. I’m still pretty ticked off about that.