First private jet production?

I was just wondering this the other day. What was the first private jet ever produced, basically what is the oldest private jet out there? I’m guessing its gotta be a Jetstar or possibly a Lear 23. Anyone have the answer?

It depends on the article you read!
The Sabreliner 40 was the first one although it was a civilian version of a military airplane. The Lear 23 was the first to be produced as a civilian airplane.
The Sabreliner received its civilian type certificate in April 1963 after a first flight in 1958. The first delivery of the Lear 23 was October 13, 1964. It only took Bill Lear one year from first flight to certification.

Then there is:
The first prototype of the Lockheed Jetstar was a two engine version that flew on 4 September 1957. The prototype of what became the production Jetstar I first flew in mid 1960 and entered service in 1961. Like the Sabreliner the Jetstar was first designed as a small, fast military transport aircraft.

Thanks man. Yeah I forgot about the Sabre. Not too many of them around anymore.

You forgot the Rockwell 1121 Jet Commander!!
They claimed to be the first for awhile also.

First Flew Jan 1963, production deliveries in '65.

The Lear’s first flight wasn’t until Oct 63, but it beat the Jet Commander to market by nearly a full year.

The first business jet was produced McDonnell Model 119/220. It still is in existence. … st073b.htm

What a beauty! Imagine having a corporate jet that looks like a B-58. I may just have to buy this thing and spend $50 or $60 million getting it back in the air. I figure a bunch of Williams engines, new G5000 cockpit…sigh :smiley:

I noticed I left out a word in my posting. It should read that MDD made the first bizjet, not that the M220 was the first bizjet produced by MDD.

The first business jet *was *produced McDonnell Model 119/220. It still is in existence.

hmmm, several ways to answer, for example the first Sabreliners - were military - not biz jets - so below is the first flight dates of type.

First Flights

Several biz jets - MS760 afew in USA, PD-808’s Italy only.

MS 760 Paris Jet (Morane-Sauliner) first flight July 29 1954
PD 808 Piaggio first flight August 29 1964

True production biz jets (except McDonnell 220)

Lockheed Jestar first flight September 4 1957
Rockwell Sabreliner first flight September 16 1958
McDonnell Douglas 220 first flight February 11 1959 1 aircraft only
Hawker Sideley 125 first flight August 13 1962
AC1121 Jet Commander first flight January 2 1963
Dassault Mystere (Falcon 20) May 4 1963
Learjet first flight October 7 1963
HFB 320 Hansa Jet April 21 1964 Limited Production
Gulfstream II first flight October 2 1966
Citation first flight September 15 1969
Aerospatiale Corvette first flight July 16 1970 Limited Production
Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond August 29 1978
Canadair Challenger November 8 1978

end 1980