First passenger flight to new Branson, MO airport

Sun Country (and AirTran) has the airport listed as KBKG, but FAA lists the airport code as KBBG. Which is it?

Airport officially opens this weekend with huge airshow. Once these stupid thunderstorms clear, I am on my way out the door…

Pretty cool idea being the first privately funded commercial airport.

Interesting story. See FAQ’s regarding airport code. It’s BBG.

Naturally, I was siding with the BBG, it was more sarcasm than anything focused at Sun Country and AirTran.

There was an article on MSNBC a couple of days ago about it as well…

Bzzzzzzz! Wrong! Incorrect! Not Right!

Kapalua Airport on the island of Maui started out as a privately constructed airport by Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaii Department of Transportation, Airports Division

Burbank Airport started as a privately constructed airport
Source: Burbank Airport

Princeville Airport on the island of Hawaii is privately owned and operated. At one time it also had commercial airline service.

In other words, don’t believe everything you read, especially news releases.

The IATA code is BKG, but the FAA LID is BBG and the ICAO code is BBG.

It appears they’re filing the IATA code, which is unusual and will hopefully be corrected.

Reading the latest NOTAM for that airport since they only have just over 7100 feet they have temporarily placed an arresting gear on one of the runway about 1000 feet from Threshold for the airshow

You are missing some key points. First, your two examples were STARTED as privately funded airports, and second, there is no mention that they were specifically built for commercial use. BBG is for commercial use since there is PLK about 9 miles north for GA.

Kapalua (JHM; also known as West Maui Airport)was built specifically for commercial use by Hawaiian Airlines by their Dash 7s.

The company (Hawaiian Air) built the West Maui Airport in 1987

Kapalua Airport in West Maui opened for commuter service operated by Hawaiian Airlines.

I was living in Hawaii when the airport opened.