First Certification for VLJs


The Eclipse E500 became the first “Very Light Jet” to achieve a provisional certification. Here’s the story: … index.html


Good for them! (sincere, not sarcasm…well…maybe a little sarcasm)
The last update Eclipse gave it’s customers wasn’t as hopeful.
Provisional certificate only for now, but the Day/Night VFR/IFR single pilot and RVSM certificates by the end of August.
Wonder how long before deliveries. They have to really ramp up production if they’re going to fill even a few percent of the orders in the coming months.


The eclipse won’t be completely certified for use in part 135 operations until at least March.


A real milestone for their company, the industry, and aviation!


And the Eclipse 500 has made into the official FAA aircraft identifiers as EA50.


Wasn’t sure where to post this, this topic seems best, even though there is an “aviation blogs” topic.
An interesting Anti-Eclipse blog: