DAY JET is hiring!

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Check out the qualifications

Minimum Qualifications

To be able to deliver the best customer experience in regional travel, DayJet pilots must meet the following minimum qualifications:

* 3,000 hours flight time (excluding helicopter, simulator and flight engineer time)
* 1,000 hours as Pilot-in-Command (PIC)
* 1,000 hours multi-engine
* 500 hours turbo-jet PIC
* Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certification
* Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate
* Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Radio License
* Valid passport with the ability to travel in and out of the U.S.
* Valid U.S. drivers license
* Must pass a ten (10) year background check and pre-employment drug test

Additional consideration will be given to pilots with:

* Check Airmen and/or Instructor experience
* Experience in EFIS (Electronic Flight Indicating System) equipped aircraft
* Recent flight experience


I’m hoping Caldwell becomes their North East DayBase, if they ever come up here. Love the EA500!


Excerpts from this week’s FI:
*Eclipse announces further delay to the 500 very light jet programme as FAA highlights quality control issues

Eclipse Aviation has announced another delay to delivery of its new very light jet as it struggles to secure a US Federal Aviation Administration certificate of airworthiness for the first production Eclipse 500.

The company has halted the C of A process on aircraft AC1 after an FAA review of its compliance with the processes and procedures used to build and test the aircraft revealed quality escapes.

Raburn will not give a new delivery date for the first aircraft, but says Eclipse still expects to deliver 10 this year and 515 next year. More than 30 Eclipse 500s are in various stages of assembly, with aircraft 3 and 4 due to fly this week.*

Given Airbus’s production ramp-up issues and EA’s inexperience, the ramp-up rate seems a bit steep.


You must be a midget!


You mean I can get paid a half salary to fly a half an airplane??? Maybe not. It should be a really interesting couple of years for the crash investigation boys!


naa… its just that the runway, and airport is just perfect for them here 8)