Firefighting Foam Release at KPNE

Visiting child wants to know “What does this button do?”.

Most AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is mildly corrosive and the affected aircraft will have to be closely inspected before being returned to flight status.

[quote=“Visiting child”]What does this button do?

It’s a great big bubble machine! :laughing:

Linky quit working. :frowning:

The link* only showed some foam. Wasn’t too interesting and there was no audio.

*Linky: That sounds so valley girl!

:laughing: Just showing my range.

Still works for me. Check your Firewall (if any).

That’s the meaning of “Raw Video”! There’s audio, there’s just no talking head filling the ether with unnecessary speech.

I particularly enjoyed the shot of the employees milling around outside the hangar up to their chests in AFFF. You can see into the hangar behind them (source of the AFFF) and see that the foam is well over their heads.

Well now it works for me. :unamused:

That’s pretty funny. As parents haven’t we learned that when we tell children not to do something, it makes them that much more curious?

I can picture it in my mind, the parent/employee standing there helpless as the foam sprays from the nozzles, filling the hangar…contemplating his next source of employment…poor ba***rd.

And a good range you have! I’ll cast you for any play I direct. :smiley:

That’s awesome!

What? azav8r’s range?

azav8r’s range is unbelievable! … but I was talking about the kid who wanted to have a foam party.

This happened at Jet Aviation-KBED (Bedford/Hanscon, MA) several years ago too. There is a great photo of all this foam with several Gulfstream and Challenger tails just barely clearing the top! Imagine the cleaning bill on that.

Something like that happened at the Million Air hanger at KCMH about 7 years ago. Wasn’t that deep though. They called in all the different pilots to let them know they had to clean out their own planes.

I think the insurance covered it for everyone though.

Think the kid was grounded? Was the parent fired? I bet no more family fun days! :cry:

Ironically this same thing happened at Agusta a little over a year ago, when one of the guards left for the night, and hit the button by accident. Luckily it happened in a new part of the plant, and no choppers were in there.

It’s actually quite amazing the expansion that Agusta has experienced, they have tripled the size of their factory in the last 5 years, and they are now working on another expansion. They are manufacturing 1 helicopter at a time in the Atlantic hangar here.

I was lucky to witness a (intentional) foam deployment in a brand new hangar at PNE, when the fire department came to certify the building.