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Finding ADS-B outdoor Antenna


I’m having a hard time finding an antenna for my Pi. I was looking for an outdoor antenna. Somewhere in the U.S. any help would be great. Thanks

Try Dave at DPD Productions.

Here’s a link:


He can also supply the appropriate feed cable as well. Roughly $200, all in.

You can build that exact antenna for about 20 Bucks.

I built one from left over PVC irrigation pipe and a RG-6 coax from the thrift store on the plans from:
Took it cross country with 25’ cable atop the RV, got up to 250NM range depending on location.

I tried that the other day. I wasn’t having the best of luck. The the middle wire in the RG-6 would push out the other side.

This youtube video nicely shows how it’s done.
To prevent the middle wire to go through the outside first push in and remove again a piece of wire at each end to prepare some room. After that the wires can be easily inserted. It also helps to cut the ends at slightly different lengths so you don’t need to fit in both ends at the same time. I made my 8 element collinear out of KOKA799 SAT TV coax and performs great at very little cost.

I’ve made a couple of the CoCo antennas using RG-6 and RG-59 and haven’t had much much of an increase beyond the magnetic base RTL antenna. I’ve noticed that they have a hard time receiving airplanes overhead due to the flat reception pattern.

The best cheap antenna I’ve made is this ADS-B DIY ‘Cantenna’. Cost just a few bucks and no soldering required. I just have the top antenna wire pushed into the F-type adapter end and trimmed to 69mm. The can was cut with tin snips using a sheet of paper wrapped around the can as a guide… I didn’t do the tab folding thing. ~4 feet of RG-6 cable to the RTL and I can receive some planes ~130nm from inside my house through multiple walls. The next step is to get it protected and outside on a mast… may need amp/filter with the longer cable.

Running SDR Sharp on the multiple antennas I’ve made show that the ‘cantenna’ receives the least interference. My evaluation method of interference uses the SISEX (Signals in Space Explorer) screen of RTL1090 and the ‘cleanliness’ of the screen at different squelch values. The biggest interference I see with the CoCo antennas shows a zig-zag pattern on the SISEX screen. I can barely make it out with the ‘cantenna’.

Go to ebay.com/itm/ADS-B-Outdoor-o … 2ed942fb21

I got one and it works very well and it came with all the mounting hardware. The only down side was it was slow getting to me. Took two weeks best I remember.

Thanks. Good idea I will have to try that.

I have bought a couple of these…
ebay.com/itm/301357995614?_t … EBIDX%3AIT
It has moderate gain (but not too high) and give me up to 260NM coverage in directions where I have unobstructed horizon.

Its worth noting that antenna height always counts for more than antenna gain. A low gain antenna at good height will always work better than a lower antenna - even if of high gain.

I have my antenna at approx 30Ft above the ground and fed with some surplus LDF 4-50 Heliax.
If a low noise preamp is added at the antenna then a cheaper (higher loss) cable can be used.