DPD Productions ADS-B Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna


I been thinking about ordering one of these Antennas, but I wanted to see if anyone is using one of these or not. If so how good is it doing and did it help see more aircraft then the antenna before.


Thanks for your help.


Bet its a simple Coaxial in there with a PVC tube cover.

Build it and save lots.


It’s doing quite well for me. No issues here.


Hard to tell what is into the pipe of the antenna. I built a couple different antennas and trying different things. But I’m sure this antenna goes pretty good. Plus it’s more tuned and tested then I can do.

I’m glad its working good for you. How my setup is i can get away with a 4 foot coax run from the antenna to the USB dongle. So my feed line is pretty short.

I am running a ground plane on my main site and it works pretty good.


A well regarded antenna - alas my arms are too short to reach that deep into my pockets

  • so I bought one of these ebay.com/itm/201272963073 (professionally made antenna by ANTENI.NET Ltd. - just bid the minimum, if you miss it - there’ll be another in a couple of days)


Thanks. I might have to try this.


I did bid on one of these antennas. So its on the way to the door step. So we will see how will it does. :smiley:


Make sure to let us know how it works compared to your ground plane. Also, for the curious, let us know what’s inside - I’m thinking it’s a coco.


I bought one of their mobile antennas tuned for 1090, but found the one that came with my dongle worked better. I doubt I had a decent ground plane though.


apparently a printed circuit board collinear according to their ads


Let me reword that… Are you talking about the eBay antennas or DPD Productions antennas?


Its from DPD. Ironic… those are my initials.


Another source to consider – I was at a local surplus electronics place today and picked up a 950 MHz GSM antenna for cheap – outdoor, 5dBi. It’s up on the roof on a PVC mast and seems to be working quite well. I’ll have numbers in a day or two.

bob k6rtm


They specifically state that you don’t need a ground plane. If that junk antenna that comes with the SDR picks up more, then there is a major issue with your specific antenna. It’s a great antenna. It increased my range drastically. I would check your adapters and connections, then contact DPD for assistance.