Final Concorde Flight

Listening to this put a lump in my throat. What fine planes (and crews)

ATC tape of last Concorde flight

I agree, good stuff. Brings tears to the eyes.

Beautiful piece of aviation history posted, never to be repeated…

Anyone happen to know the date of this conversation?

Assuming the web page is accurate, Google revealed


Except this is Speedbird, not Air France.

now watch a video Concorde's Final Departure from JFK - YouTube)

Friday, 24 October, 2003

When you are cruising along at ~500 knots and they hit what the British call the reheats (we call them afterburners), you feel yourself pressed into your seat by the acceleration and see the digital airspeed indicator on the bulkhead smartly move past 1300 knots, you understand why they might call it godspeed.

Ah good point!

It was British Airways that operated under the call sign Speedbird


Thanks for the info. & the cool video.

A few years ago i was in NYC for Horse Racing and staying at the Courtyard JFK…i was looking across the highway at Jfk and thought i saw the Concorde…I pulled out my Binoculars and sure enough it was a the Concorde :slight_smile: …too bad they retired such a graceful bird :cry: :cry:

We would often see the Concord at JFK as we drove past on our way to or from our place in the Hamptons, quite a memorable sight.

One weekend as I was working in my back yard at home I looked up and saw a very strange looking aircraft approaching enroute to PHL. I had to wait until it was almost directly overhead before I could believe my eyes, it was the Concordski:

but thats a tu-144

What do you think a Concordski is? It’s a Russian aircraft that bears such a striking similarity to the Concord that one can’t help but believe the tales that it was built from stolen Concord plans.

Just like the Shuttleski:

They should knock off our cars too…

Now that is some HORSEPOWER! :smiley: :smiley:

When was the Tu-144 at PHL?

It would have had to have been sometime in the 70s, if ever.

The image is interesting though. What’s up with the stars and stripes on the tail.

Just to confirm, the actual flight on the ATC tape, took place on October 24 2003, Aircraft G-BOAG. The same aircraft returned to JFK on Nov 3 2003, and departed Nov 5 2003 enroute to the Museum of Flight in Seattle.
Also G-BOAD arrived at JFK on 10 Nov 2003 from LHR, and departed JFK by Barge to the USS Intrepid Museum on 17 Nov 2003.

Retirement Information regarding last passenger flight from JFK to LHR Oct 24 2003

Museum of Flight, Seattle website

G-BOAG - this is actual photo of the aircraft arriving at LHR on the last Speedbird Passenger Flight JFK-LHR, and the second photo is G-BOAG arriving at Museum of Flight Seattle.