Filed Flight Plan

Tracking a friend’s flight from Heathrow to San Fransisco the Filed Flight Plan changed on the map. I can appreciate an actual route may alter for many reasons but would have thought the Filed Flight Plan would always be the same.

Initially this indicated the flight would take off from Heathrow, head to Midlands, Liverpool area, Northern Ireland then Atlantic and Southern Greenland but then the dotted line route shown on the map altered to match the route it appears to be taking.

The actual route as shown on FA and FR24 was more South, over South Wales, Republic of Ireland and then the Atlantic.

So am puzzled as to the Filed Flight Plan.


As the flight progresses I see now the actual flight is differing from the dotted Filed Flight Plan. So question now is, does the Filed Flight Plan get updated at all after initial submission?


If you’re referring to the dashed-line route on the map, that is updated over the course of the flight to the extent we receive updates. The original filed route text is not updated.

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Thank you. Thought that may have been fixed.


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