Ferry flight error? (N2409E)


Saw this flight:

flightaware.com/live/flight/N240 … /LEMD/KOWD

This is a KFRG based aircraft, highly unlikely it was on a transatlantic ferry home recently. From the tracklog it looks like VFR flight following. Is it possible FlightAware sees MAD as the origination (track log starts right near Bridgeport Airport, near the Madison MAD VOR), and instead lists LEMD (Other designator for MAD Madrid airport) as the flight origin?

FlightAware bug or error in the part of ATC’s input when doing flight following?


You see that a lot generally on VFR flight following or IFR to VFR on top clearances. The controller inputs a code he pulls out of the air, but makes sense to him.


Throwing common sense to the wind here for a moment, if we assume that he did actually fly from LEMD to KOWD in the 32 minutes reported as the flight duration, that would be an average groundspeed of ~mach 9.6 (at 30,000 feet).

Quite impressive for a little Cessna!


Tailwind? :laughing: