Feeding Base Station on Win 10 computer


I have PiAware running and I want to be able to feed to my computer programs like Base Station. I figure that ModeSMixer2 installed on the PiAware would work but it doesnt. Please help.



I use modesmixer in RPi with command --outServer sbs10001:10001
and in Basestation v1.2.4.184 [Settings]-[Hardware Settings]-[Network]-Address IP of Rpi and port 10001. it works ok
also in [Settings]-[Data source] select [Network]
Alternatively you can run modesmixer for windows with

--inConnect IP-of_RPi:30005 \
--outServer  sbs10001:10001

and in Basestation IP use and again port 10001

now I use Windoze 7 as 10 is complicated security and stuff so if other settings are correct and it still does not work, 10 is ‘the odd man out’


That is the way I have been feeding Base Station. I thought there was a direct way to do so I appreciate the help



Feeding data from Piaware into Basestation



It works! abcd567, you are a mad scientist! thanks for the help!