Connect Flightfeeder to basestation

It is possible to view the data of FlightFeeder on BaseStation? How?

Sorry bad english.

For example
in PPI:

./modesmixer2 --inConnect --inConnect --outServer sbs10001:10010

in BS:


If modesmixer2 will not connect to port 30106, it is likely that the output format on that port is “ext-basestation” which modesmixer does not understand.

You can check by running “sudo piaware-config -show”. If the output includes:
/mlatResultsFormat {beast,connect,localhost:30104 ext_basestation,listen,30106) ,then that is the problem.

To fix this you either need to change the output on port 30106 to something modesmixer2 understands e.g, “basestation”, or do what I chose to do to avoid upsetting the Piaware setup and add another listening port.

sudo piaware-config -mlatResultsFormat "beast,connect,localhost:30104 ext_basestation,listen,30106 beast,listen,31003"
sudo service piaware restart

Change the “30106” to “31003” in the instructions provided by fduok and that should work, … l#msg26492

With this configuration is working, thank you!

It works without having to change it, But thanks!

Where exactly do I Have to do this?