HOWTO: Feeding to Plane Finder from PiAware

It is always good to use your Raspberry Pi setup to feed not only to FlightAware, but to other services too.
I see many feed to FR24. Here is the simple way to feed to Plane Finder too.

  1. Visit this page and install and configure PF client from debian package according to instructions.
  2. On the “receiver data format” configuration page, select 30003 (Basestation), ip address is and port is 30003. (Tested with PiAware 1.20-1)
    2a. Beast Mode on port 30005 is an alternative variant
  3. Done! You are now feeding to Plane Finder too.
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I am feeding, but I’m using Beast Mode port 30005, if I switch to Basestation Mode port 30003 I see these errors in the log.

2015-05-22 16:15:46.530829 Data upload failed with error: ‘30003 data format temporarily disabled on the server’


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Are you using PiAware? If not, configuration may be different for different setups.

I was using the FA PiAware SD image on the RPi, now I’m using dump1090-mutability with the PiAware add-on and in both case I used Beast Mode port 30005.


I’ve just updated to PiAware 3.6.2~bpo8+1 and have had re-install planefinder for some reason (there was no trace of it on the Pi after the update), doesn’t matter. Quickly reinstalled and used the following settings.

Beast Mode - : 30005

I am using PiAware image, not default Pi image. These settings seem to work ok.