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PiAware pre-built RPi and modesmixer2 (or mixing of signals)

With dump1090/piaware being automated 100% I was wondering if there was anyway to mix signals from multiple antennas (two on opposite sides of the building). I was able to accomplish this in the past with modesmixer2 or the “nc” command but it does not appear to be working for piaware. Any suggestions?

I just do this with dump1090 + nc. Not on the prebuilt image, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work there.
I build a nc tunnel from port 30005 on each secondary receiver to port 30004 on the primary receiver that’s running piaware.
(Actually, I have a separate dump1090 process in --net-only mode that just does the aggregation, but you can use a dump1090 that’s running a receiver too)

This doesn’t do anything smart in terms of filtering duplicates, but the flightaware feeder (as I understand it) doesn’t care about that as it’s tracking aircraft individually and periodicially reporting the whole state, so the duplicates don’t really hurt.

Hello tinkan,

ModeSMixer2, since version 20141121, supports Piaware: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/79709204/MM2/modesmixer2_windows_20141121.zip

More details about ModeSMixer2 and ModeSDeco2 and versions for other platform can be found on the forum: http://radarspotting.com/forum/index.php/topic,2978.msg15240.html#msg15240

If in his the standard option: –outServer to use arguments fatsv:Port, then through this will be output to network data in Piaware format.
For example:

./modesmixer --inConnect --inConnect --outServer fatsv:10001


Piaware was builded and installed from source.

Unfortunately, as far as I understand, Piaware can only work on the same computer as the data source. That is, it has no settings for getting them through the network. Anyway, my setup (modesmixer2 + piaware) is on an i386 computer and works successfully.


Yeah to use that new feature of modesmixer2 you pretty much have to have a version running on the RPi itself to take in the data and hand it off to PiAware, correct?

For now it remains putty with nc to the RPi

(I use modesmixer2 for my planeplotter setup and it is awesome for what it does there, very appreciate of the work done on the program)