Feeder shipping time


Is really taking too long for shipping feeders? I’ve asked for mine in january and I didn’t received yet. I know there’s a backlog, but I didn’t that was too big.

Also, I dodn’t recember the size of cable that I’ve requested. I have updated my mast and take it higher for the new antenna. Is possible to verify/ask for the longer cable? My mast is with about 12 meters hight now.


Mine took 3 months.
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I do not see that we have an open request for your account. Is it possible that you submitted it under a different username?


No, it’s under my username, jmaurin. And I’m totally disapointed with FlightAware :frowning:

After this topic, David (from FlightAware) contacted me and told me that they are not sending FlightFeeder to Brazil, even if mine was already approved. Currently, I’m running Piaware with my raspberry and my home-made antenna with RG-58 cable (not even RG***C***-58!) and ethernet port of my raspberry has died in the begining of this year. That’s why I applied for Flightaware…I have a good spot to get signal but I don’t have equipaments. I found that there is some users near me with FlighFeeder, but most of then are 80~90% of time offline. I’m using an wifi dongle on my raspberry, but it’s crashing daily and I need do manually restart EVERY DAY.

After this contact from David, we have agreed that they would send me an Raspberry Pi 3 + ProStick + Filter + Dongle (no FlightFeeder and no Antenna). This would solve my problem and I would stay helping FlightAware. They told me that they would provide shipping of this ‘kit’ in the same week, but after 2 contacts (after 1 week and 12 days), I got no more replys and no info about my request. And when I login into FlightAware, I can see my FlightFeeder request approved and waiting for shipping, the same status from february, when I applied for FF.

The thing is that I can’t maintain my current setup and FlightAware doesn’t have any interest in my help. Probabily my ‘data’ is nothing compared to FlightAware network, I’m aware of that. That’s sad, because I really liked to help and feed my data into flightaware to help coverage even more. I’m shutting down my site because I can’t maintain my current setup anymore (needing to restart everyday) and who lives here in Brazil knows how hard and expensive is to buy a single Raspberry pi :frowning:…not to mention antennas and GOOD cables.

To finish, I would like to say that my disapointment is NOT with David, who was very polite and respectfull, but with FlightAware.


I think one of the problems is that it’s really hard to ship stuff to Brazil due to customs issues. The current generation of FFs only started shipping about 8 weeks ago, limited by the manufacturing rate, and of those only a few are sent to Brazil (because there’s no point having lots of them stuck in customs), so if you’re in a hurry you may be out of luck.


I agree that Brazilian customs are a real problem, but not all. I just received an ComStation (RadarBox24) and i had to pay tax, but it’s a low tax (about $45). So it’s not impossible. I know that it’s money that had to spent (and prefer not), but what makes me sad is that we have a lot of FlightFeeder here (Brazilians) which is almost ever offline…just sometimes you see online. I know that FlightAware can’t control this…they can’t MAKE users to be online 24/7. But it’s frustrating when you try to get a free feeder to help and it’s denied while users who doesn’t even care has his feeders turned off. For example, I know that’s one FF about 20Km of my city, but I just saw online once.


You could do what thousands of us have done. Save some money and buy a new pi.


Already done that. Thats the one with ethernet dead. And if you know our actual brazilian situation, you know thats not easy anymore to buy a ‘cheap’ $35 board here.


Never said it was cheap or easy to do. I’m saying many people invest a fair amount of money and time to set up receivers. And I only speak for myself, but I do it because I find it interesting. There is the added bonus of no advertisements and a few extra features, but I would still do it if I didn’t get that.


I don’t even flight…hehehe…I flew 3 times only, so I don’t use FlightAware app or site, it’s just for fun and learning my ADS-B site.


Hello from FlightAware. Just to provide an update, our current shipping backlog for FlightFeeders is approximately 8 weeks, on average. We are making progress on driving down the wait time. Places like Brazil may be taking longer although we are making some progress on getting those shipped successfully. Thanks for your patience and supporting FlightAware’s global data coverage!


My request finaly arrived in Brasil, and I am very happy to become one feeder in my region. I am runing 24hrX7X365, and glad to contribute to air travel safety and tracxking precision. Hope all requests receive their equipments soon, and good luck to all members.


Just to report: I’ve just received my feeder (orange) and started to feeding again. Tks FA!


How long does it usually take to get them in the United States?


It varies depending on our current demand/backlog. At the moment, we’re shipping to the USA within approximately 2-3 weeks of when your FlightFeeder request is approved. Add a few more days for however long it will take the courier to deliver to your location. We are impacted somewhat recently by our office move and the US holidays. We won’t be shipping between Christmas and New Year’s Day.