Feature request and idea


Please consider a modification to FlightAware which would enable flight tracking for Angel Flights and Hero Flights. The call sign and entry in block 2 of the FAA Flight Plan form for a Hero Flight is HRF plus the last three of the N number. I believe the Angel Flight call sign in Block 2 is AFL plus the last three of the N number. The ability to track Angel Flights and Hero Flights on FlightAware would significantly improve coordination for the patient, or the wounded warrior’s transportation at destination.

FlightAware is great. This program modification would make it even better, and would help us to better serve patients and/or wounded warriors.

God Bless America



Angel Flight is NGF - flightaware.com/live/special/angel-flight/
AFL is Aeroflot, the Russian carrier.

We’ll add Hero Flight to flightaware.com/live/fleet/HRF