Fear of the A380



In two days, I will fly from Paris to Mexico City on the A380 with Air France. They told me it is a safe plane but I have fear of flying…

The plane is really safe ? I will arrive in Mexico without any problem?

Thanks !


Fear of flying is fairly common. I have relatives that haven’t flown in decades.
I also have a nephew that flew every month of his life until he was 3 years old. His mother was a flight attendant.
It is an irrational fear, even though it is real to the person.

I have flown 100 times commercially and several hundred times privately. The only issue I have had is kids throwing up due to heat or turbulence. Problems are possible anywhere but not really likely.

The A380 is a wonderful plane. It is my favourite to fly in when I go back to Sydney(from LAX). I am stuck in a 747-400 for the flight from NYC to LAX. It takes a very good pilot to be allowed the privilege of flying the big A380.


Thanks for your reply. So, the plane is safe ? Do you think I should arrive without problem ?


I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to post a link being a new user but I’ll try. Assuming you live in France because that’s where your flight originates, Air France has a wonderful program to help passengers like you with a debilitating fear of flying. It’s based at the Air France Pilot Training Facility. If I’m not able to post the link, you may want to call Air France when you return from your trip and inquire about it. https://www.airfrance.us/US/en/common/guidevoyageur/pratique/sante_anti_stress.htm


EasyJet has one too:



I am sure most airlines have “fear of flying” programs.
It is in their interest to allay peoples fears.

A quick search should find them.