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I’m what you’d say an anxious fliyer. I’m hoping to tap into all the experience here. I’m taking the wife to HI in May. United Express/Skywest (Crj 200) from GRB to ORD then United (777-200) to Honolulu then onto Aloha (737-200) to Maui. After all I’ve read, it is tough to trust the industry. My question is…should I? Should I have any concerns or am I just worrying about nothing? Any input would be appreciated.

I’ve tracked some of the flights and they seem to do some “crazy” things. I can only guess they are errors in the tracking as I seem to have discovered in reading other posts.

God’s speed to all.

There’s no need to worry. The airline industry, in spite of what the media sensationalizes, is an extremely safe industry.

If it’s the bumpiness that can occur sometimes in flight, just remember what a Southwest pilot once told his passengers as we were descending into Reno. Just think of the bumps as potholes on a road. Nothing to worry about.

Have great flights and a great time in Hawaii!

Though the title’s are ‘Fear of Flying’, the topics covered answer alot of the ‘What If’ questions.

Fear of flying help - YouTube)

I totally agree with Damiross. Go to Hawaii and have a great time. Airline travel is still incredibly safe. I’m more frightened by the idiots driving in the New York area than I have EVER been in an airplane, and I’ve been flying professionally for 15 years!

In 2004, there were only 425* airliner accident fatalities AROUND THE WORLD.
Total Number of Road Deaths in 2004 was 42,636* - IN THE USA ALONE!!!

Getting to the airport safely is what you should be worried about. Once you get to the ticket counter, you’ve got it made :wink:

(* Latest statistics I could find quickly on short notice)

Don’t fly on a Southwest 737-200 all the way to Hawaii. They showed those on ABC’s Nightline last night.

Wish I was on that flight. I understand the last 1,000 miles is via life raft! :smiley:

When was the last time Southwest even HAD a -200??

Jan '05

Thanks for the input. I’m working on the flying thing. The wife hopes this trip leads to others. I hope so too. Ref the life raft…I swim like a fish :laughing: If I had a choice, I’d rather fly then swim though.

Your biggest concern should be the drive to the airport.

When I take a “first timer” in my small general aviation plane, my emphasis is on the safety aspect.

During the preflight (inspection of the plane before we even take off) when we walk around the plane, I check everything the pilot’s operating handbook (POH) tells me to check.

Airline standards are much stricter.

I like to parallel the safety of an airplane to safety of a car.

Think about this the next time you get in your car.

When did you EVER walk around your car to indeed visually check to see if your tires on the PASSENGER side even had air in them much less being low on air. I’d be willing to bet you probably have not done so, especially if you are parked in a garage.

99.9 percent of my first time passengers never put thought into that until I brought that to their attention when one of my items in the POH is to check the tires.

Needless to say, that got their attention and also made them appreciate that much the more the inspection process an airplane takes before take off and how much safety is built into flying

Bottom line, after you survive the danger of getting to the airport, enjoy the ambience, the view from above at 34 thousand feet and most importantly, enjoy HI.

Been there four times 6 different islands, and if it wasn’t so dang expensive, and I wasn’t so “responsible”, I’d move there in a heart beat.


When in Hawaii, if you can afford it, I’d take an aerial tour. It’s a great way to see the beauty of the islands.

I second that notion. While in Maui look up Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. Those guys are absolute pro’s. I have no affiliation just a satisfied customer for over 15 years. Take the trip over to Molokai on the bird.

My aerial tours were courtesy of the Hawaii Army National Guard in Hueys. It was great to be able to fly low and slow from Oahu to the Big Island with the door open. Unfortunately, I don’t think civilian operators would allow that!