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Fear of flying

I’m new to this website. I’m assuming we talk about aviation correct? Well I’m So nervous to fly on a airplane and I feel like I’m going to pass out. I feel cold and uneasy. Any tips on how to calm down? I pray I don’t get turbulence, which yes I do know it’s part of the flight and I start having an upset stomach. Any info will help. Thks

Qantas is Australia have a fear of flying course to help in cases like yours.


It depends where you are, in some countries there are support groups which can give you tips.

In addition you can also ask the flight attendants while boarding. They might find somebody sitting next to you where you can talk to. Conversations might reduce concentration on your concerns.

I had such a thing a few months ago. They asked me if i could exchange my seat with a nice lady having this trouble.

We were talking the whole flight and she said it was one of the easiest flights she had so far.

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If you are prone to getting air sick, then take some crystallised ginger to eat. It’s pretty good for motion sickness - sailors use it for help with seasickness.