Hi Guys.

Thanks for the help in advance for help with my Piaware.
i have been using faup1090 in my mac terminal to get data so i can build my own little excel data sheet of what i capture.
(I have no idea how to have the system do that for me :frowning:. )

Since upgrading to 2.1-3 i cant seem to locate faup1090.

If any one can assist with this i would be very much grateful.



It has moved to /usr/lib/piaware/helpers/

One handy thing about the debian package system is that the system knows what each package installs; you can get a full list of what files piaware installs (well, except for config files) with “dpkg -L piaware”.


Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I am now trying to figure out how to access the decoded information that goes to ports 30002 and 30003
i have absolutley no idea on how to capture that information.

Soooo Sad lol


Port 30002 is undecoded raw messages, so they’re probably not directly useful if you want aircraft positions etc. (You’d need to write your own message decoder)

Port 30003 is more useful as it has decoded data in a CSV-like format.

You can capture data using nc or socat:

$ nc localhost 30003 > capture.csv

Both ports have more frequent info than what faup1090 produces (faup1090 produces periodic summaries of aircraft position etc, which include data from many messages; ports 30002/30003 send one line for each message received)