Would be nice if FA would integrate with Facebook so that crews can keep family members updated on location.


Interesting. How do you think that would be better than tracking by tail number on the Live Flight Tracker page?


My guess James is he is looking for a widget type deal for one stop shopping?


Its different in that not all family members are aviation orientated and don’t have a flight aware account. Plus my kids are young. It would be nice if a Facebook update was created.

This also would bring more people to your website and inform people that are not aware of this website, along with its abilities.

Also this would be helpful for crewmembers to easily see where people they work with are, and see if anyone they know is in the same city.


Every flight page has a Facebook icon just above the Activity Log on the right side that you can use to share/note your flights in Facebook.


Thanks-- I did not notice that.


It’s still just a link to a plane’s activity page, i.e. the people you send it to on FB need to visit the site to see where the plane is.

No necessity to setup an “account” to just track a plane.


Facebook=Electronic Crack


Or a feature that would post your arrivals to your twitter.


I know y’all are gonna get mad at me, probably. But I think facebook is for women. Half the “men” on it are a bunch of pansies. There’s my opinion… :neutral_face:


Yup… and you know what they say about opinions…


Will, this ignorance just goes to show that when we want your opinion, we will give it to you.


I like the facebook button but it requires that I press it.

I’d like to automate it so that when my selected flight number departs it automatically posts to my facebook so all the women can keep track of me.


The inhumanity of it all! We must do something to help this poor sole! He has to push a butotn. When, oh when is this inhumanity going to stop! And the poor women! They won’t be able to keep track of this guy because he is incapable of pushing a button!

Please, FlightAware staff, I beg you on bended knees that yo do something to help this guy!!!


Wow…a pansey you say? Hmmm…never considered myself one of them.
Interesting… :unamused:


I don’t consider it for women or girlie men. I do consider it to be somewhat boring at times.

Some of the people on my Facebook page really do need to do something else but if that’s what they like to do who am I to tell them not to?



Facebook is a way for people to keep in touch with friends that you might lose touch with over the years. it’s also a way for friends to communicate with out disrupting a busy schedule.

I am in no way judging you but from most of your post it sounds like you live in a very conservative right wing religious house.
Be sure to go to college (just not A&M). UT would be best, it’ll open your eyes to the repression you’ve been exposed to. Plus Austin is a great town. Be sure to go Tubing on the Guadalupe and view the girls with less of a conservative background.

As far as your comment about men being pansies on Facebook- “He who cast the first stone”


And, Will, after you go to collage you might want to check into going to a college.

To say a person has been repressed because he is in a right wing conservative religious household is so condescending. He’s probably more rounded and less judgmental of others than the liberal left wingers. Over the past couple of days I’ve read different reviews about Sarah Pallin’s book. You wouldn’t believe the vile hatred the liberals - the so-called tolerant people - have posted at sfgate.com when they read the article on the Sarah Pallin book not selling well in independent books stores in the Bay Area.


Way off topic, but I’m about half way through the book, and I think it is great. I must be really repressed to think common sense is a good thing… :unamused:


My last word on it because it is off-topic but I may actually break down and buy it. I’m on the waiting list at the library for it. I’m position 29!