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FlightAware has stopped publishing on Facebook


For some reason, my flight status updates on Facebook. I have the alerts listed, but they are not being published on Facebook.

The error message shown against each failed update says :- post_message failed. Error message #200 The user hasn’t authourised the application to perform this function “type” OAuthException code 200".

When I check the “connected apps” tab, it says “You have not authorized any third-party applications to use your FlightAware account privileges”

I have raised an issue with the tech team, but I know that they are really busy and it can take a while for them to respond.

So this is just a shout out to see if anyone else has had this issue and if you were able to overcome it.

Many Thanks,


Unfortunately, Facebook has recently changed their Terms of Service and does not allow apps to post on users walls. This change has prevented FlightAware from posting flight status information on your wall at your request. I am sorry for the inconvenience. You can still share email alerts with friends, family, and colleagues via the alert interface.



Hi Collin,

Thanks for the very speedy response. Clearly, the issue isn’t with FlightAware then.

Do you know if the situation may change or is this going to be a permanent situation?

Thanks again.


It appears it is going to be permanent. We are working to appeal this change, but it seems like it will be a permanent change unfortunately. As you can imagine, this would have affected quite a few facebook apps and users.


If you make a page instead of personal Facebook account you can do the job

The limitation is not related to personal Facebook accounts. It is a policy change by Facebook regarding their deprecation of Graph API 1.x and migration to 2.0, and their stance on whether applications should be allowed to make automatic posts on behalf of a user without their active involvement in each individual posting.

Olá @cbw! Sobre os alertas de voo que eram publicados no facebook; existe a possibilidade da Flightawere modificar no site a opção de ganho de emblema para compartilho de voo no WhatsApp ou e-mail por exemplo?


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