FAA registry vs Flight Aware Info


why do different aircraft types appear on flight aware vs the FAA registry?
for example 1vk shows as a B95 on one and AC90 on the other.
registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … bertxt=1VK


It all depends on what the pilot puts on the flight plan or what the controller enters into the computer.


Click on “details” on the FlightAware flight tracking page and we have the registration information available as well:


As far as the aircraft type on a tracking page, damiross is right.


It would take a pretty dumb pilot to mistake a Beech Travel Air for a Rockwell 690 :open_mouth: , and it’s not a simple typo (B95 vs. AC90). I suspect (in order of likelihood):
a) truncated tail number for the Rockwell (Nxx1VK); or
b) change of registration not yet showing in the FAA database.

If we had the log for that flight we could probably tell from the speed whether it was a B95 or AC90.