FAA computers hacked

usatoday.com/news/washington … -FAA_N.htm

As a recent FAA retiree…this scares me.
Lets hope the FAA HR people follow up on this. Its the least they should do.

How? The coop was opened and the chickens are gone.

Even if they catch, successfully prosecute and incarcerate the miscreants involved, YOU’RE still at risk.

At the least the FAA should pay for 5 years or so of credit protection for all affected.

So far they’re only offering a year of credit monitoring.

That’s pretty close to worthless.

Yah, I think it’s pretty weak. Hopefully they’ll do more as time moves on.

my wife had that credit monitoring-WOW did it make purchases a pain in the back side. I understand the protection–But when time is of the essence–OH BOY…

My brother was one of the Navy boy’s who had their social security info that was distributed/lost/sold back a few years ago. The navy did a good job of going behind and setting up monitoring. From what I know he still has his credit stuff frozen so he always has to call the credit card company before big purchases and identify himself. Hassle yes, but piece of mind is nice.

The Navy stepped up to the plate in that instance and provided 5 years of credit coverage on their dime with continued coverage available for a reduced fee IIRC. A nice job of realizing who the victims truly were.