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1st 737 Max ive seen in almost 2 years

they are back testing flying them and updating training. Should see lots more in the coming days

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I am doing a case study on them in one of my college courses.
This could end up being as bad as the VW DieselGate or Deep Horizon scandals, cost wise.

We were somewhat unlucky that something didn’t happen sooner so that it could have been fixed sooner. I would like to know which Einstein though it was a good idea to use MCAS with only one AoA sensor and the other genius that thought it was a good idea to hide the MCAS system from airlines and pilots.

I’ve thought the same.
There are three Pitot tubes so the pilot/1st Officer have independent instruments and the third is a reality check.
I would have expected to see three AoA sensors with them all wired in.

Similar to the 5 computers in the old Space shuttle. 3 needed to agree for an action to be performed.

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I live nearby. I’ve seen a few per month and I haven’t been even looking very hard. I think they have been putting as many miles as possible in test flights since at least April or so. They often fly over the Olympic mountains. I lose them over the pacific ocean, but you can see on FA they do a lot of up/down big altitude changes.