FAA ATC Commercials


Hey, just wanted to throw this out to all controllers and pilots out there. Has everyone (anyone?) seen those commercials put out, by, I assume the ATC union about pending legislation that would cut staffing levels at US control towers? I don’t know enough about the legislation to go in-depth about it, but I wondered what everyone else thinks. From strictly and aviation enthusiast’s standpoint, it sounds like another case of the government trying to “trim the fat” where there isn’t very much to trim. I’m sure there are no more wasteful expenditures in this country, right? :wink:


Here is a link to John Carr’s weblog.


He is the president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

Go back in the archives the last few months, and you might discover an FAA with a leader about as worthless as FEMA.

Here is the address of NATCA’s website:


There is plenty of content here about what the FAA is proposing.