ATA's goofy comercial against General Aviation.


The Airline Transportation Association has been playing the cheesy and completely inaccurate commercial in airport terminals accross the country.

** Just found this add that the Alliance for Aviation Across America plans to run on the CNN Airport Network.


Unfortunately, this is all part of the airline’s campaign to shift costs from them to everyone else. While this ad talks about corporate jets, the whole user fee and added aviation fuel tax would hit all planes from small single engine props on up. In addition to cost shifting, the majors want to control the administration of the FAA user fees - so they would pay less but get more. The new FAA administrator seems to be siding with the big carriers in this attempted land grab.


That’s what that was! I saw this add being played SOOO much at SLC recently.

Dumb add ATA!

Edit: That is SO retarded! Anybody with a tenth of a brain should be able see the dumbness in it.

You are 110% percent right!


You can’t fool all the people all the time, but if you can start a government scam it can last forever.


Here is a video that the Aviation Alliance just produced to get the real facts out: media