FA Feeder stopped working


My RPi - FA Prostick Plus setup has suddenly stopped feeding data. The software (dump1090-fa and Piaware) is fully up-to-date and I have tried a different Prostick and the problem still exists.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it may have stopped?

Thank you

The log shows the following errors:

Error message

Does it show data on your local web server? (/skyaware or /skyaware978)
Mine stopped sending data to FA, but still works locally.
Can use different dongles with no difference, swapped with test bed system, all dongles work fine.

Oddly, your piaware is not even reporting normal logging after it connects.
Can you check /var/log/piaware.log and see what it’s saying?

The only other odd thing I notice is that you appear to have a dump1090-mutability package installed (this is obsolete) which is perhaps conflicting with something.

Can you try a fresh image?

All your sites seem healthy at the moment - did you resolve this OK?
(Usually losing connection to dump1090 means you have hardware problems and dump1090 is bailing out – a reboot may be sufficient to fix it)

That is the problem. The site looks fine; but no data is being transmitted to FA.

I am downloading it again to see if it is the same as the one I started with last month. The size looks to be the same, but, I will run checksum to see if it is any different.

This is most likely result of configuring FR24 feeder with setting reciever="dvbt". With this setting, FR24 feeder triggers a script to install dump1090-mutability DEB_VER from Raspbian / Debian repository. In case of OS older than Buster, the dump1090-mutability is not available in Debian repository. In this case the script downloads dump1090-mutability ver 1.14 from mutability Github.




cat /usr/lib/fr24/install_dump1090.sh 

if grep -q "^receiver.*dvbt" /etc/fr24feed.ini ; then
    if [ ! -e /usr/lib/fr24/dump1090 ] ; then
        echo "dump1090 is not found, downloading dump1090-mutability..."

        # to skip any questions from APT
        export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive

        echo 'dump1090-mutability dump1090-mutability/auto-start boolean false' | debconf-set-selections -v

        apt-get update -y

        DUMP1090_IF_PRESENT=`apt-cache search --names-only '^dump1090-mutability.*' | awk '{ print $1 }' | head -n 1`

        apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" install librtlsdr0 libusb-1.0-0 dirmngr lighttpd wget $DUMP1090_IF_PRESENT -y

        if [ "$DUMP1090_IF_PRESENT" == "" ]; then
            # Download and install dump1090-mutability if not present in repository
            wget -O /tmp/dump1090-mutability_1.14_armhf.deb https://github.com/mutability/dump1090/releases/download/v1.14/dump1090-mutability_1.14_armhf.deb
            dpkg -i /tmp/dump1090-mutability_1.14_armhf.deb
            rm -f /tmp/dump1090-mutability_1.14_armhf.deb

        ln -s /usr/bin/dump1090-mutability /usr/lib/fr24/dump1090


When you install FR24 feeder on new image, please do NOT select option "1 - DVBT Stick (USB)".

Select 4 or 5




In file /etc/fr24feed.ini, use following:





Good point, I will verify that. Thank you.

How do you view these logs? I have piaware on the SD card but pi@piaware:~ $ /var/log/piaware.log returns -bash: /var/log/piaware.log: Permission denied

You missed meow cat at start of command.

A better option is following command:

sudo journalctl -u piaware -e