FA down - certificate validation failed: certificate expired

what’s going on guys …

12/09/2015 14:41:34 connecting to FlightAware piaware.flightaware.com/1200
certificate validation failed: certificate expired
    while executing
"error "certificate validation failed: $reason""
    (object "::adept" method "::fa_adept::AdeptClient::connect" body line 39)
    invoked from within
"::adept connect"
    ("after" script)

Our certificate expired and we missed PiAware. This means that new PiAware connections are failing, but active connections are working.

Working on it now and we expect a resolution very soon. Thanks for pointing it out.

ooops - we overlooked that on some of ours some years ago too - cross fingers :slight_smile:

If you are 100% correct 99.9% of the time, you still have problems .001% of the time. This is one of them.

yep - murphys law - and script exception handling seems to have a problem too :slight_smile:

This is fixed. We’ll be making a release shortly to make the process easier and less error prone in the future.

Damn, 2 hours spent thinking it was by my side after changing the hostname of my Pi !

Good luck guys.

Confirmed, connected :slight_smile:


wow - this was fast - thanks :slight_smile:

So much for my 2200 + planes-a-day streak. I’m up to a whopping 125 for the day. I don’t expect that any of these can be recovered.

Well, dang, yes they can!

Mea Culpa!

nope - as they didn’t get any of our data - life goes on - living under merkel-regime we have much bigger problems over here because nobody says ‘certificate expired’ and stops the stream :)))

nope - as they didn’t get any of our data - life goes on -

Well, one can’t tell which way the train was going by looking at the track.

When I wrote the original post I had just looked at my stats and saw 116 planes since 00:00 zulu. I refreshed a bunch of times and watched the number creep up to 125 so I know my data was being seen but it appeared it had not been for many hours previously. I looked at some nearby stations and saw that they were in the range usually seen this time of day. I stepped out to get the mail and upon my return my number had jumped to 1975 and my position in the stats had jumped higher by 12. Apparently the servers were busy similarly to what was occurring a few weeks ago and my record was eventually processed.

So sorry you lost your contributions for the day.

:frowning: i just formatted my card and start all over again… Before reading this post… Hoooo!

that’s why i was asking for your piaware log in your thread …

:laughing: its ok am almost done… I was just confused when i arrive so i formatted it not reading any of my post in the thread… Anyway thanks for the response… Am fine… This is just a small issue.

It may be a coincidence, but my stats were way up while you had the problem - I was getting about 37000 positions / hour compared to the more usual 25000 positions an hour (until I had an internet drop-out caused by dusting activity on my router shelf).

Better stats can be seen at this nearby site that didn’t experience the dropout. flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/rubbishdump

Does the drop to ‘Normal’ match up to the time when the software with the new cert became available?

If they did, does this indicate a possible capacity issue on your internet feed / servers?

that’s interesting - my fa stats weren’t that pronounced like yours - but also lot higher than the three days before - while my own serverside stats show more easily lower traffic at this time of the day compared to the days before.

peterhr stats fa stats:

site 6606 fa stats:

my zoomed-in collectd stats:

@peterhr: would be interesting to see your collectd stats for the last seven days if you have them. if they show the same increase for these hours - it were just coincidence - if not then there were problems with fa server capacity …

p.s. i made screenshots from the sites you mentioned - before they are gone with the wind

If I had to guess, maybe piaware ended up running twice somehow, and the outage killed off the duplicates.

Yet another example of what appeared to be a very good hour:
drive.google.com/open?id=0B5eBC … W4zX0dWb1E

followed by a day of weirdly reported stats.

don’t know - but why should the piaware doublet on site 6606 kill itself just at the same time fa certificate came back and peterhrs site started again to connect to fa. maybe a bit too much coincidences to be really plausible? what were collectd behavior with two running piaware fa connections - would it double count too?