Extensive combined medical and flying knowledge?

Anyone out there with an extensive and I mean pretty extensive combination of flying (pressurized, specifically) and medical knowledge?

I need to quiz someone on a heath issue and and the effect flying may or may not having on it once’s I’m cleared. Specifically as a passenger on a commercial air carrier.



Try a Google search such as this one.

Sorry… it’s not psychological… and it a bit beyond webmd and google. It specifically has to do with pressurization and a post surgical thorocostomy.

Now that I know the specifics, try these:
pilotfriend.com/aeromed/medi … thorax.htm
professionalsoldiers.com/for … p?p=275326

There’s more - just enter the keywords *post surgical thoracotomy flying *into Google.

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Might want to try PMing MeekRN

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Thanks for all the “advice…”

Saw my surgeon today and was signed off on as to all aspects of travel. FWIW… I drove myself to the ER on 7/27 with a fully collapsed left lung. Two weeks, four chest tubes and one surgery later, I’m back in one piece (minus a chunk of said lung…)

Very cool Jim, thanks for confirming…

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