Explodes on Take-Off - everyone survived!


If you have not seen the video of the Russian Navy TU-134 abort take-off after ingesting birds into an engine - then all I can say is hold your breath as you watch this take-off, as he loses an engine and over-runs the runway. NOT FOR FAINT OF HEART!

Video is from July 10, 2006 at Gvardeyskokoye Air Base in the Ukraine.

[]TU-134 ](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwQQpJiBJio) of the Black Sea Fleet Aviation.

[ ]A300](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6pTM4_Ullo) Video of YA-BAD runway over-run on March 23, 2007 of Ariana Afghan Airlines, lost right landing gear after 30 metre over-run, and declared a write-off.

[]A300 aftermath ](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxhuB1Gvc-I&mode=related&search=)


Pass V1, go! Wonder if there was some other reason that the pilots decided to try and land?


I just watched an 8min video of an SU-27 that crashed at a Ukraine airshow. NEVER WATCH IT :open_mouth: :cry: It should be banned from youtube FOREVER it shows dead people everywhere and I can’t stop shaking SERIOUSLY. After seeing that I don’t think I will want to go inside the airshow grounds again when they are flying only if there displays. Seriously this F***ED my life up all I can think about is the poor little kids that died and then it makes me think of what if that was my little sister. Sorry but I’m just shaken up right now. :cry:


And if its so bad why did you share this with us? :smiley:


Because if you watch the Tu-134 on the side are other videos to watch and one was a Su-27 so I watched it and saw what was very disturbing. So it was a heads up and a warning for everyone. Because I didn’t think it would show dead people I thought it was only going to show the plane crash and the pilot eject. Once I started watching I couldn’t stop watching I have know idea why.


I watched the video you mentioned afew months ago, and pretty much had the same disturbing reaction. I watched it to the bitter end as you did, and thought the same.

Several persons went to prison over this accident, including the two crew. The pilot received a 14 year sentence, the co-pilot 8 years. There were 84 fatalities, and close to 150 injured.

[]crash details ](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sknyliv_(Ukraine)_airshow_disaster) on wikipedia.org scroll down to external links, 3 videos of the crash, first 2 show a clean version, the 3rd is extremely graphic.


Ya I saw that video awhile back and it made me ill. Really it’s bad. Near the end they actually show bodies severed in half and limbs everywhere. My wife is a nurse and it made here ill to see.


Why would someone want to film that. And something else that was disturbing was that you could see security guards or police officers that he passed and they looked at him and let him proceed to film and get closer to the crash site with the dead people. That country is really messed up.


They film it in the US for purpose of investigation…


True but you don’t release it to the public. It might get leaked, but not released with out some serious editing.


Y’all need to stay away from BANGED-UP and ROTTEN.com… UNLESS you want to see things like what a shotgun can do to someone’s head, or how a helicoptor’s main rotor can sever a head from the body and things like that. You’re never the same afterward, but you get used to it after a while. I will refrain from showing samples here for lieberma’s (and everyone else’s) sake.

I remember the movie “Dirty Harry” with Clint Eastwood. They’re at a crime scene and the victim is shot-up pretty badly. Harry says, “Let’s go get something to eat.” The rookie asks him how he can think about food after seeing that, and Harry replies, “After seeing what?” :laughing:

Damn, I love those ol’ Dirty Harry movies!


Yeah there are some sketch people that go on those sites I bet a lot of people get off on that crap. And we all wonder why our society is messed up.


What is with airshow crashes and the Su-27. At the begining of the film you can see the pilot coming to his feet.

I remember somewhere seeing / hearing Sukoj braging about how advanced its pilot ejection system is and that a pilot could safely eject from almost any altitude.

In a sick sort of way, you would think that all these crashes are there to promote the ejection system.


While we’re on the subject of ejection seats;

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Pilot ejected from plane 1

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The Moose Jaw Times Herald

Tim Clarke, a mechanic at 15 Wing Moose Jaw, performs one of the many checks during the day on one of the A CT-156 Harvard II trainer aircraft on Wednesday. While 15 Wing officials refused to allow the media to see the actual plane a student pilot was ejected from on Wednesday morning, this is the same type of plane. Shelby Parker photograph

A student NATO Flying Training in Canada pilot training program was ejected from the Harvard II aircraft he was in as it was on the ground at 15 Wing Wednesday morning.
The student and an instructor both Canadians whose names have not been released were on the ground preparing to taxi when the incident occurred at 8:57 a.m.
The (ejection) seat worked as advertised, said Lt.-Col. Paul Goddard, acting commander for 15 Wing. The parachute opened and (the student) landed here on the ramp.
The instructor remained inside the plane.
Both were taken to Moose Jaw Union Hospital with minor cuts and bruises and were released shortly after noon.
It is not yet known what caused the student to eject, but Goddard said he was new to the NFTC.
He was just beginning Phase 2 (of military pilot training) and it was his first flight in the aircraft.
The student, who completed Phase 1 on the Grob G-120 in Portage La Prairie, Man., last fall, has about 40 hours of combined experience on single-engine military and civilian aircraft, said 15 Wing spokeswoman Lt. (Navy) Petra Smith.
He would also have had four practice flights in a CT-156 Harvard II simulator, as well as extensive emergency and ejection training, before Wednesdays flight, she confirmed.
The only damage to the aircraft was caused by the student detonating an explosive cord to blow apart the canopy and propel his ejection seat into the air.
None of the surrounding aircraft were affected.
A Canadian Forces Flight Safety team is currently investigating the incident, the first ejection by a 15 Wing student pilot since May 14, 2004.
It is not yet known when, or if, the student will return to the NFTC training program.
While the incident is certainly unfortunate, I think it highlights the excellent equipment and reliability and outstanding maintenance that goes along with the assets here that support the (NFTC), said Goddard.
All flights on Harvard aircraft were suspended after the incident and pilots were to remain grounded until at least 9 a.m. today.
Snowbirds pilots, as well as students and instructors flying the CT-155 Hawk trainer, resumed normal operations around 1 p.m. Thursday.


As our freedoms are taken away and the trial lawyers profit more, we become sheltered and aghast at how something like this can happen.