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Expecting Less from American

After hours of delays and de-boarding Flight 992 scheduled from Belo Horizonte, Brazil to Miami last night (original departure schedule 11:35 PM), American cancelled the flight stranding hundreds of passengers bound for the U.S. They appeared unwilling or unable to re-route most passengers, and at 4 AM local time finally providing accommodations in a local 1-star hotel with no AC. Dinner provided was peanuts and juice. A $5 Real certificate (about $2.50 US) was provided for meals (!) and phone calls. They should change the name of this airline to prevent further embarrassment of hard-working, honest americans. Oh yeah, they wont have to - American Airlines may be gone soon enough. Shame on us for booking a flight with them.

The least they should do if they cancel a flight should be as followed. But since their in bankrupt, they cant do crap so…

  1. Send them to a descent hotel [Preferably 3-5 stars]
  2. Better dinner that peanuts and juice.
  3. Try re-routing them instead of unwilling to.

This airline has become real terrible. To all that has flown with them, Im sorry. You wasted your hard earned money on a worthless flight. NEVER fly American again, (says me).

At 4 AM they probably didn’t have any other options. You can’t reroute as every other flight has already left. You can’t get more food as everywhere they would bring better food is closed. You can’t get a better hotel as all the rest of them are full or the front desk person has left for the night.

Hi Everybody,

We just returned from Bolivia back to Miami on American Airlines flight 922. All I have to say is that the service has gone down below any expectations. The flight was late by more than 1 hour with no explanation. The ground tellers are rude and arrogant. The plan was an old B-757-200 that has the seats so old that you can fell the metal underneath the cushions. The in-flight service was mediocre. The food was served late and the meal was simple. :angry:

I would not complain but the tickets were about 1200 per person (round trip). I have used American for similar flights but it gets worse every time. If you can avoid this specific flight, do it! Go TACA, LAN, AVIANCA or Aerosur and maybe you will have a better chance for a good story.

I would hope to see this service improve since they are the only US airline flight to Bolivia. Perhaps it’s not the nicest place on earth but compared to the services to SCL, EZE, GRU and LIM, the services to LPB and VVI are just poor and sometimes offensive. The smaller and older B757’s are just not comfortable for a 7-hour flight.

Mauricio Imana

I hate to say it but when AA is taken over by US they won’t have to change a thing . . .

Please note that nothing has changed with American Airlines. The ground grews are rude and incompetant. 14 hour layovers in Dallas in less than a week. Due to gate changes without notice and delays with no regards to connecting flights. They think thier bancruptcy is bad, word of mouth will shut them down.

“crews”, not “grews”.
are you saying that you had multiple 14 hour layovers or you had 14 layovers of 1 hour? If the latter, then an hour layover isn’t unusual. A 14 hour layover is.

Indeed crews was the correct spelling. Last Monday my wife and 5 others had to spend the night at Dallas/Ft Worth airport for 14 hours, due to the AAL personel failing to notify the connecting passengers of gate changes. Now today she looking at the same problem coming in from Mobile, Alabama due to a 2 hour delay there.