Expanding Insight to cover CYYZ?

Since Lester B Pearson Int’l in Mississauga is one of the larger airports in North America re total traffic, AND is a major linking point for many U.S. airlines flying into the Toronto area from all over the U.S., I would like to see Insight cover flights TO and FROM Pearson to all of the U.S. destinations [and, for that matter, Mexican and other south of the U.S. destinations]…

  1. I live in Toronto
  2. I have a son who lives in Utah
  3. I have a daughter-in-law born in Mexico City
  4. She has a brother with a condo in Acapulco
  5. We fly between Toronto and the U.S./Mexico with some frequency.

So flights exclusively in the U.S. are almost useless to us … while of interest to MOST of your users.

We’d love to… as soon as the Canadians make the data available like the US DOT has.