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Expanded Enterprise account access

Our ADS-B receiver hosts have always been an essential part of our team, each one filling an important role in our combined efforts to make the world of aviation a safer place for all. Your dedication to the airline and aviation industries as a whole in response to COVID-19 has touched so many lives and we thank you for that.

As a way of showing just some of our appreciation, starting June 1st we will be providing your account with Enterprise access for the next 60 days for anyone that has hosted a PiAware or FlightFeeder even if it’s not currently online. This will provide enthusiasts who may be unable to host hardware at this time access to tools they need to be better informed. You will not need to do anything to receive this enterprise access as it has already been enabled on your FlightAware user account.

If you have an associated account that at one time hosted a PiAware, you will have 60 days enterprise access, regardless of the current state of your hardware. When you log into FlightAware.com you should see “Enterprise User” in the top center of the page. If your hardware is offline and you would like to once again contribute to support the community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ADSBsupport@flightaware.com.