Exit and Entrance

I was just wondering if was possible to include exit and entrance points off the Northeast coast for transatlantic flights.

For example: When an aircraft is leaving the NorthEast coast they exit fixed waypionts, “Prawn”, “Oystr”, “Cymon” etc… and the same when they enter.

Don’t know much about this, but thought i would give it a try.

We actually had a feature that didn’t make it into V1 of the airport maps where the user could enable or disable the display of major intersections related to a particular airport. It’s coming soon and we’ll see how we can incorporate those, too.

My airport so happens to be one of the last points an aircraft passes over when exiting North American Air Space and one of the first when entering North American Air Space, depending on the Jetstream.

Setting that aside, the more I play with your new feature the more I like it.