Exchange of real time ADS-B data


Are you planning to provide some kind of real time data exchange between the users who feed the system? Currently and provide such services and it will be great if you also do it. I am sure many users will be happy with this :slight_smile:

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Our FlightXML3 product allows for a free account up to 500 queries and FlightFeeders or PiAware sharers get an additional 500 queries.

Thanks for reply. My idea was for a fully free data exchange platform.

a fully free data exchange platform i think is unrealistic as the guys from flghtaware make their living from these data they can sell. but i think ALL data where a specific site contributed data to should be free for the operator of this site. e.g. i was looking for data from airport edmo - this is what i get:

‘Comprehensive flight data for EDMO is available to qualified aviation industry professionals. Learn more about FBO ToolBox’ - lots of the data there (down to the airfield) - if not most - comes from my site :frowning:

i think this is not a good idea even for their business - because high traffic sites for this reason will more and more feed their data to (at the moment) smaller networks (e.g. which more and more do their own mlat etc. and present the whole data to public for free or extremely small money. smaller networks with only high performing sites need much less capacity for data-traffic and to compute the data than flightaware. the result is that the data they sell at the moment come in future under heavy pressure pricewise …

You can see all the data from your site, both locally (Skyview and the various ports) and on the FlightAware website (to the extent we use it for tracking). The data you’re not seeing at EDMO is from Eurocontrol, which has highly restrictive redistribution limitations. We can make the Eurocontrol data available to parties operationally involved with the aircraft, but not the general public. You won’t see the detailed realtime Eurocontrol data on any publicly available site.

thanx for reply!
absolutely - you are right regarding eurocontrol data but for me there is no need for this data as i can anyway see the signals from every aicraft on ground of the airfield. even mlat location data on flightaware works just about 200 meters above ground. i never fed other sites with your mlat data, i stopped feeding adsb to fr24 and pf long time ago because flightaware was the only company that gave me added value back. but today you anonymize aircrafts based on my data and do not provide a history database for this location with data i helped to harvest. other networks would do this if i’d sent them my data-stream instead to flightaware. that’s what i find dissatisfying :frowning:

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Thanks for all replies guys :slight_smile: