ADS-B Exchange


Folks, is anyone aware if have changed their web page recently?

I am sure I used to login which gave me saved preferences and location on Global View. This seems to have disappeared.



I’m a recent feeder to ADS-B Exchange. I don’t remember seeing this option, but when I go back, the setting are the same. Could it be cookie related?


Does ADSB Exchange still use* FlightAware user uploaded data?

*others may say another term ha!


While I cannot say for sure, I doubt it.

The reason I say this is that when I stop feeding to them very few, if any, planes are displayed in my area.


If by that you mean MLAT data, no they do not use FA MLAT data. Adsbexchange does their own MLAT, which is why it’s important that as many of us as possible also feed it in addition to FA.


I was under the impression they fed back all MLAT data from the FA client (that you see to create the MLAT aircraft positions on your own Piaware map. ie FA people not feeding to ADSB ex data is used and ends up on ADSB Ex, I think the latest FA client blocks it but it is a well known thing that they did / still did it. Yes they have a few contributors but they are pretty scarce, especially here in the UK, seeing you need 5 or more receivers to plot/calculate an aircrafts position with MLAT, yet I regularly still see them able to in situations where they just don’t have any receivers near by… I refuse to feed to them because of that.

I’d rather feed to the better websites (other than FA/FR24) like (great in the UK) or Plane Finder etc.


Disclaimer: I don’t speak for ADS-B Exchange. Just one person’s guess, and yours may be better than mine.

Having fed ADS-B Exchange both directly from the RPi, and through VRS, I wonder if what you describe was caused by ADS-B Exchange VRS feeders forwarding their Merged Feed. I’m careful to only send them port 30005, not the Merged Feed or port 30105.


This all sounds very complicated, I thought all flight tracking used the same signals - bit like all TVs receive same image.



Direct off the air 1090 reception is just one source. There are others, both government and private. The newest source is satellite. Hobbyists are already decoding it using a free software package called JAERO:

The antenna is a bit more elaborate. A good source for now, until stocks run out, is the Outernet patch antenna:

VRS already supports JAERO, its output can be merged with your 1090 source.

I have nothing to do with any of the above. Info provided for entertainment purposes only.


Yeah, they were/still are scooping up all the ‘Piaware’ mixed MLAT feed that FA send back to you to create the MLAT aircraft on your local map. Witnessed it a few times in Scotland, where they have few receivers. Where the coverage would be identical to the FA feed, but only for MLAT.