European Boeing deliveries

A few days ago I read about Ryanair’s(irish airlines) Boeing deliveries. Boeings(in this case B738) are being produced in Seatlle and they have to go to Dublin or London… And here is my question: how do they fly from USA to Europe? Do they fly through Asia or through the Atlantic Ocean? And is their range long enough to fly, let’s say, from New York to Dublin/London?

You would be surprised how far some of there planes can go with no passengers and no cargo, and fuel tanks completely filled. And if they can’t make it across the Atlantic, they can always stop in NE Canada, Greenland, or Iceland.

Check RobK’s numerous postings about Boeing deliveries. Search for “RobK” in the ‘author’ search.

[quote=]To answer your specific question though, Ryanair’s chariots route BFI-KEF-DUB usually, using RYR800 as callsign, with the last letter of the aircraft reg at the end, eg. last one to deliver was EI-DLI, which ferried as RYR800I.

RYR800J and K (EI-DLJ/K) went as soon as I’d wrote that too!

Ok, I will. Thanx!