ETOPS-Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim


Any other cool acronym changes like that? :bulb:


Not an acronym, but “circle to land” instrument approaches are regularly referred to as “circle to crash.”


Do we want this thread to turn into what airline initials and names really mean.

There’s a long list at the The Airline Crew Portal. Here’s a few examples:

World: We Organize Really Long Delays
US Air: Unfortunately Still Allegheny In Reality
Alitalia: Always Late In Takeoff Always Late In Arrival


TSA=thousands standing around


TWA - Tiny Weeny Airlines
USAir - US Scare


Probably generational, but to me they were always:

TWA - ToWards America

USAir - UselessAir

And before there was USAir there was:

Allegheny Airlines - Agony Airlines

(And I believe it is Teeny Weeny Airlines)




Delta= Definitely Enroute Late To Atlanta :wink:
OR simply: DELayed To Atlanta


United= Unfortunately, Never Intended To Emerge (from) Debt
(Although, thankfully, things are looking up.)


SOUTHWEST: Scrambling Onboard Until The Hissyfit When Every Seat’s Taken

Last one, I swear. Besides, my creative juices have pretty much dried up for the day.