Funny Fix Names...?


How the “BOE438…What’s it doing?” thread took a turn off topic…

It got me started to thinkin’… anybody know any good, REAL (as in don’t make 'em up yourself) fix names? …like if they were just now organizing the airspace system, they wouldn’t dare use that name.

For instance, there’s a reporting point in Virginia called CUNNY which is part of the VOR/DME approach to W45.


Quite a few here.


These are all from around where I live.

CANDL- 14 nm HUH vortac r168
SOUPY- 30 nm HQM vortac r069
THICK- 15 nm ELN vortac r253
LEARN- 38 nm BTG vortac r039
DRAIN- 28 nm EUG vortac r167
CHEEZ- 25 nm EUG vortac r130
FESOD- 22 nm DSD vortac r171
BROKN- 17 nm OED vortac r333
GYPSE- 8 nm OED vortac r181
MIXUP- 25 nm LMT vortac r314 (great one to have. :smiley: “Seattle Center, Cessna niner alpha hotel, at MIXUP…” “Cessna niner alpha hotel, you messed what up!” :smiling_imp:
TRIAL- 23 nm FOT vortac r341
SPOOK- 23 nm HNW vor-dme r 086
BORED- 48 nm PXN vortac r301

Here is a good place to find fix names.


On the Chicago Kokomo approach, all aircraft must HALIE BEARS.

When leaving Detroit on the Rosewood departure, you must CHOOT and SCORR.

My favorite though is on ATL’s 27L ILS. If ATC asks you to say reporting points, you hafta to say YABBA DABBA DOOH.

Oh- forgot my other favorite:

GPS 16 approach to Pease internationaL


and if you need the missed approach, head for-


(I think Mel Blanc was from Portsmouth. Not sure if it is significant that you can also approach ITAWA via SATAN.)


Not many people can say they have their own personal fix :smiley:

I get a real chuckle when I have non pilots up with me and they hear my name on the air.



The RNAV (GPS) RWY 5 approach into Frederick MD (the home of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association [AOPA]) has “PHILB” (Phil Boyer, the head of AOPA) “DEFND” (Defends) “GEEAY” (General Aviation) … boyer.html


Now that is too funny cfi! :laughing: :laughing: Oh, what a coinsidence! :open_mouth:


hahaha Those are hilarious! You folks have made my evening. :slight_smile:


In Wisconsin, there is “LMMBO” (Lambeau) and “FAVRE”. No surprise where those are near!



Here in Dayton there is Appleton.


Appleton is 3 letters too long for a fix…


er my bad read it rong.


For what is is worth, Appleton is a VOR just north of CMH, and defines the start of the Cinci 5 approach to Cincinnati (Appleton transition), as well as an approach to Dayton.

Its three letter code is APE.

(Funny, I feel like some bananas for breakfast.)


Thats wat I was getting at. Always here it on the scanner.


OK, but what’s funny or humorous about the word Appleton?


I allways thought urmom would be a funny one.

Such as “(insert tail number here) is inbound over urmom.”


the ILS for runway 28L into Portland, OR had TRAYL BLAZR (Trail Blazers being the local NBA team)


KATL has an RNAV STAR named FLCON ONE. The fixes are:

…just wondering if anyone knows if there was any scandal involving Howard Cosell calling the Atlanta Falcons “dirty birds”, or what the deal is there. I can find lots of references to the Falcons as “dirty birds” on the Internet, but none of them seem to connect with Howard Cosell. Can anyone fill in the missing link there?


I thought that the BOSOX intersection near Boston was cute (once I figured out that it was referring to the sports team and wasn’t a variation on Botox…I’m not that bright :frowning: )

The two beacons for my home airport of Halifax used to be named the Split Crow and the Midtown after the two most well known bars in the downtown. They have since changed the Midtown to the Bluenose - probably because a lot of locals like me kept forgetting which one was which…“It’s named after some bar, but which one…” :slight_smile:


I like hearing people use the “Bad Axe” VOR (BXE) on the radio. “Direct Badass Nine Alpha Fox.” There’s also a “Crazy Woman” VOR in Wyoming (CZI)