ROUTE Abbreviations


Could someone please explain the Route abbreviations that I see while tracking my son’s flight from Asheville NC to Westchester Co NY? It says: PSK J150 CYN BUON04…I have tried the search function, but no dice. P.S I am not a pilot, just a proud father of one, so take it easy on me fellas… This site is great.


These are navaids and intersections. Try typing the route into and it will display their locations against a map.


3 letters are VOR’s

J with 2 or 3 numbers are Jet Airways (roads in the sky)

V with 2 or 3 numbers are Victors airways (roads in the sky)

5 Letters and a number at the end is an arrival or departure procedure.


thanks guys


5 letters without a number and that are pronounceable are fixes.

You can download a complete list of location identifiers as a PDF or view has an


Take a look at the 5 letter fixes.  Some of them are quite imaginative.


In theory. :slight_smile:


Hey, I didn’t say that. The good ol’ FAA said that in Order JO 7350.8C LOCATION IDENTIFIERS Effective 2/14/08, Paragraph 1-2-7 Assignment System sub paragraph f:

A single five-letter pronounceable combination serves as the fix name, assigned identifier and computer code. If a new fix is to be collocated with an existing navigation aid, ILS marker, way point, or other type fix, the original name or name-code applies to both.

I do agree that some require a little thought before pronouncing. For example: CAAAS (located in Michigan): Is it prounounced CAS (short vowel sound) CAS (long vowel sound) CA AS (same as before- short or long vowel sounds)


It’s not getting any easier. The pool of available “words” is shrinking with every new approach, STAR and DP. Some of my favorites: SADVE, GAFWY, DUCFI, but hardest one to pronounce that I’ve come across is KATQO. My english speaking brain can’t wrap its self around a word with a Q and no U immediately following.


How would you pronounce QANTAS?


My favorite:
Those coming in here on the GPS-17 are vectored to KESXY, which is usually the initial reporting point for tower. (Kess-key)
New-to-area pilot: “Tower, Cessna 123 is with you at…uh…er…8 miles out on the GPS…”


Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services :wink: